Thursday, April 12, 2012

Parent Demonstrates Imporance of Keeping Video/Audio/Written Records of all CAS interactions

An interesting and informative video from a parent who had a CAS (Family and Children's Services) attempt to get involved with her family is posted below.

This video demonstrates the extreme importance of recording any and all meetings in your home, keeping and requiring all correspondence to be in writing as they are all legal records.

One point of clarification:

The Various FACS in Ontario are also deemed or approved as a "Society" as laid out in Subsection 15 (2) which reads as follows:

Designation of children’s aid society
The Minister may designate an approved agency as a children’s aid society for a specified territorial jurisdiction and for any or all of the functions set out in subsection (3), may impose terms and conditions on a designation and may vary, remove or amend the terms and conditions or impose new terms and conditions at any time, and may at any time amend a designation to provide that the society is no longer designated for a particular function set out in subsection (3) or to alter the society’s territorial jurisdiction. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11, s. 15 (2).

A previous video also shows a similar result.

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