Friday, February 17, 2012

OPP Investigate Misuse of Public Funds

 In a story read from the Ottawa CTV website, John Dunn discovered that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) can investigate the misuse of public funds.

This raised the idea that the OPP may also be able to investigate possible misuse of public funds by Children's Aid Societies as well.

However, Dunn cautions people that anyone who does or is interested in filing a report to the OPP regarding possible misuse of public funds by a CAS should find out what constitutes a legitimate complaint to OPP on such this issue so you don't waste your time if you do not have legitimate grounds to believe an offence was committed.

One way citizens can figure this out is by using the Freedom of Information legislation to file a FIPPA request to the OPP and / or to the Ministry of Health -- the ones who filed this particular complaint -- asking for copies of the complaint to the OPP.

Once you have received the records, (one might have to use the formal appeal procedure of the Privacy Office if they refuse at first) you will get a feel for the reasonable grounds a person can believe in to initiate such a complaint into the possible misuse of public funds by a CAS if you believe such is happening.

 As a sample issue, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services informed Chris Carter and a number of advocates on video during face-to-face discussions that the Ministry only permits a CAS to use 10% of it's funding for administrative purposes. This might include legal fees as well. However, if someone believes that a CAS is spending much more than the permitted 10% of their annual fees on legal services, is this a misuse of public funds?

To guide anyone in the writing of a FIPPA request for the complaint filed by the Ministry of Health with the OPP regarding ORNGE ambulatory services, a person could write the following letter, which must be accompanied by a cheque or money order payable to the "Ontario Minister of Finance" for five dollars.

Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator
6th Floor, 5700 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M2M 4K5
Phone: 416-327-7363

I am writing this request under FIPPA legislation.
Specifically I would like to ask for copies of any and all records as defined in FIPPA, specifically including correspondence to and from the Ministry of Health and to and from the OPP which pertain to the complaint filed with OPP regarding ORNGE and the allegations of misuse of public funds as recently reported by the media.


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