Friday, July 15, 2011

Ottawa CAS Possibly Retaliating Against Dunn for his Prosecution Against Them

It appears the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa is posturing to take retaliatory legal action against John Dunn for him initiating a prosecution against them earlier.

On Friday July 15, 2011 Dunn received the following e-mail from the senior legal counsel of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, Tracy Engelking.

Dear Mr. Dunn:

A member of the staff of the CAS has noted on your website or blog information pertaining to Sophie N.D. I am not sure which as I do not access either. The information includes the name of the individual, the name of the individual's child, and several references to court proceedings and the Ottawa CAS related to this individual and child. Please remove it forthwith.

Tracy Engelking
Senior Counsel
CAS Ottawa

Dunn notes that a legal database named "CANLII" which is self-described as being "recognized as the largest Web resource providing access to legal documents from Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments for both legal practitioners and the general public" regularly publishes the first names of Children's Aid Society clients including the initials of those clients last names, the initials of the children and the foster parents, the intimate details of the court cases and the towns in which these clients live.

He also notes that the Society has made public photographs, video, and the names of individuals who are foster parents and foster children via television, Internet, and news paper.

Dunn responded to the Society's e-mail by saying "I read the post over and note that it contains the name "Sophie X" but does not mention any name of any child. Can you please explain why this needs to be removed?"

Tracy Engelking responded with the following e-mail.

Dear Mr. Dunn:

The address on the hard copy that was provided to me is

It appears to be a draft of a Notice of Motion type of document.

Tracy Engelking
Senior Counsel
CAS Ottawa

To which Dunn responded with the following e-mail. 
The link you provided from the hard-copy was since changed and just today, as the result of your notice, I removed the identifying information from that page. This was not intended to be a public document when I last modified it.

You can review the document at it's current location for review at

 Thanks for the notice. I thought you were referring to my public blog hence my previous response.

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

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