Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Invite to Ottawa CAS Regarding Accuracy of Communications

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Tracy Engelking
Senior Counsel
Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

July 19, 2011

Tracy Engelking et al,

I am writing to invite the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, any of its legal counsel, staff, volunteers (including Board members), or representatives to review any of the postings on any of my blogs, websites, or writings or communications of any kind and which were created at any time and in any form for the purpose of ensuring their accuracy.

If the Society has any questions pertaining to the truth of anything I have ever written, you are welcome to contact me at any time via my e-mail address at johndunn@afterfostercare.ca or if that does not work for any reason at afterfostercare@hotmail.com in order to set up a meeting to discuss the Society's concerns in detail so that we can work on a reasonable resolution which may include providing the Society an opportunity to add their own corrective, additional, clarifying, and non-destructive notes where they feel it necessary.

This offer is always speaking into the future at any time and will also be shared publicly on my blog as listed below.

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

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