Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CHEO Blocking Maternal Contact to Sick Infant

CHEO Hospital demonstrated that they ignore court orders for maternal access to new-born infants when they stated that they only take instructions from staff members of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, despite the risk posed to the life and well-being of the infant in blocking maternal contact, something the staff at CHEO are well aware of. The infant is also recovering from heart surgery making her all the more vulnerable and in need of a mother's love.

The young mother initially became involved with the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa over a year ago with her first child, not because she had ever harmed any children, or because she has any alcohol or drug problems (does not use either at all) but rather because years before she became a mother, she herself was in foster care and while she was being physically restrained by her foster mother when she was a youth, she bit the foster mother in self-defense.

At the time of the first apprehension, the Society also had concerns about a person the mother was living with, however, immediately upon learning of the Society's concerns, the mother separated from that person and moved to another home.

Jane Scharf, a local advocate who has become involved with the mother reported that the first time CHEO staff prevented the baby from receiving a visit from her mother at the hospital, the infant's vital signs dropped. Scharf also stated that CHEO staff told her they do not provide maternal contact to a child who is involved with a Children's Aid Society.  Scharf also stated that the Society had not provided maternal contact for the baby the weekend that the child's vital signs dropped.

As soon as the mother was able, immediately following the birth of her child, she made a motion to the court and was successful in seeking access to her baby after the CAS had requested no access.

The court order reads as follows:

Temporary custody and control to CAS, with access to the Mother with a minimum of 4 times per week supervised by the CAS AND OTHER TIMES IF CHEO HOSPITAL STAFF ARE PRESENT TO SUPERVISE.

Mother is to attend all Medical appointments for Child and to be present for all medical procedures, including surgery.

Cheo staff said "We take instructions from CAS, and they have ordered us not to allow you without them accompanying you."

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