Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ombudsman Voted Down To Pleasure of Ontario McGuinty Liberal Government

This is just a temporary post listing the names of those Ontario MPPs who voted in favour of Ombudsman Oversight of CAS agencies and other agencies in Ontario, and those MPP's and parties who voted against it. More details such as quotes from debates and links to debates will be included at a later date.

Ontarians who support Ombudsman Oversight of Children's Aid Societies and other publicly funded agencies are urged to keep this in mind this October election. Don't just use the October Election to tell them because they won't know who they lost because of it. So be sure to write them a letter informing them of the reason why you will or will not vote for one of those parties come October.

For now, the list of "for" and "against" votes in Ontario Legislature Today (extra notes and spelling party corrections will be added as the hansard becomes available over the remainder of the week)

Voted Yes for Ombudsman Oversight:
Rosario Marchese (Ont NDP) (He introduced the Bill)
Frank Klees (Ont PC) (Excellent Speech)
Peter Kormos (Ont NDP)
Mr. Bisson (Ont NDP)
Mr. Tabuns (Ont NDP)
Ms. Dinovo (Ont NDP)
Micheal Prue (Ont NDP)
Mr. Hardemon (Ont    ?)
Mr. Chudley (Ont ?)
Mr. Miller (Hamilton East Stoney Creek) (Ont ?)
Mr. Craitor (Former Foster Child)

Votes Against Ombudsman Oversight
Mr. Phillips (Ont ?)
Mr. Ruprect (Ont ?)
Mr. Quinter (Ont ?)
Ms. Best (Ont ?)
Mr. Sergio (Ont ?)
Minister Laurel Broten (Min. Children and Youth Services - Ont Liberals)
Mr. Suza (Ont ?)
Mr. Arthurs (Ont ?)
Mr. Beradinettie (Ont ?)
Ms. Sandals (Ont ?)
Mr. Runoldie (Ont ?)
Mr. Rumole (Ont ?)
Mr. Quadri (Ont Liberals)
Mr. Coolar (Ont ?)
Mr. Flynn (Ont ?)
Mr. Dillon (Ont ?)
Mr. Bulkinson (Ont ?)
Ms. Albinaise (Ont ?)
Mr. Moriti (Ont ?)
Ms. Manga (Ont ?)
Ms. Jasmine (Ont ?)
Ms. Pendergast (Ont ?)

10 Yes
22 No

Motion Lost

The audience was disturbed and yelled comments such as "evil"... the recording will be added as soon as possible.

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