Friday, April 29, 2011

Valuable Information for Anyone Invovled with a CAS

The website has a wealth of information on it which includes court document examples from real cases and much more. This site has been available for years and anyone involved with a CAS, or anyone who has children for that matter should take the time to read through the website.

Specifically I am going to include information I wish I had read on this site years ago. I will begin with a brief quote from the site, and then provide you with a link to that particular page, which is an extremely revealing history of the case the site owner (Robert T. McQuaid) and his family endured under the CAS and other authorities.

"The attitude of CAS, and research into the law, convinced me to pursue political remedies. An exchange of letters starting with my elected representative in the provincial parliament, David Tilson, was a dead end. In January I found that anyone could become a member of Children's Aid by paying three dollars, and did so. Shortly thereafter, CAS sent us an intimidating letter, threatening to put us on the Child Abuse Register.

From this, and other actions, I know CAS understands that they can not intimidate me, but can scare Linda. She was terrified, so I had to proceed slowly. As a member I requested a copy of the bylaws, finding that CAS has 17 directors, 12 elected by the members, and 5 appointed by local politicians. I addressed Mono Council on this subject on March 8, 2000. As a CAS member I requested a membership list, finding that before I joined, there were just 32 members.

The bylaws give members the right to attend board of directors meetings, and on April 19, 2000 I did so. It was a chilling experience - all of the atrocity planners did so with unbroken smiles. There I learned that the annual general meeting of CAS was to be on June 20, 2000. The bylaws provided for a cutoff date of at least 30 days before the meeting; only members as of that day are eligible to vote in the election. In the month up to the cutoff date, still not using newspaper publicity, I signed up as many members as possible and on on May 18, 2000 I deposited papers with CAS nominating Lillian Brewer and me as candidates for director at the annual meeting.

From this point on, CAS workers and David Thwaites lost their smiles in dealing with me. I sent out proxy solicitations to the 32 original members, and got to the meeting with three members loyal to our side, and 12 proxies. Before the meeting Linda suggested alerting the Orangeville Banner, breaking press silence.

The president of CAS and meeting chairman, Mark Van Horne, treated us like adversaries in a court proceeding. We found out that CAS had recruited 40 new members. According to Patti Lowe, a member of our team who helped count the votes, they were mostly social workers and policemen. The vote count appears in sequence below"....
Read the entire case and court documents at

There should be a central database of cases, and I think Roberts site is just the place. Be sure to visit him if you have a case and you would like to share your case files with him for the public to review. 

To ensure you read the latest version of this post, please visit as this post may have been modified since being sent out.

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