Monday, April 18, 2011

Regressive Bill Introduced by Ministry of Children and Youth


A Bill has recently been introduced by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services which appears to be dangerously regressive in nature.

In 2006 Bill 210 was passed which had as one of its goals, keeping children and youth in touch with their family members even after they become adopted. It has been repeatedly proven that is it harmful for a child to lose contact with their family if that is something the child or youth still wishes to do.

However, on April 13, 2011, the Ontario Government introduced a Bill which contains dangerous provisions which will permit the courts to ram adoptions through at the request of Children's Aid Societies and to permanently terminate any relationship the youth may wish to keep with their natural parents, brothers or sisters even past their 18th year due to restrictions in place from adoption legislation which imposes up to $50,000 fines for those who attempt to contact each other when an adoptive parent may have placed a 'no-contact' veto with the Ministry's registry.

The new Bill contains various "well intentioned" provisions which offer the Societies the option of verifying that they "tried" to contact natural family members to notify them of the pending adoption proceedings in court which will allow them to proceed with the adoption and terminate relations between natural families without giving notice to the families.

Children's Aid Societies have played such tricks as telling the court that they attempted to contact someone to notify them of a court matter and that they could not do so for lack of contact information when in fact they had the e-mail address of the person they claim to have attempted to contact and did not send any e-mail to this person, moving an adoption hearing through and having the child moved to B.C..

These adoptions are even going to terminate the 2006 progressive steps of keeping family contact after adoption through "openness orders" which is said to be in the best interests of children and youth.

Please read this Bill, and get involved. This type of thing already has a HUGE lobby group of adoptive parents and professionals who profit from adoption behind it. Millions of Dollars are involved, so contact your local MPP and ask for a meeting to discuss this new and insidiously dangerous and powerful Bill which will have many implications, including the sealing of records which are already hard enough for people to review in the child welfare sector.

You can read the first reading of the Bill at: (basically the draft)

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