Monday, April 18, 2011

Ministry of Children and Youth Services Can be Forced to Do What it is Supposed To Do

Update Added at bottom April 20, 2011

Without the need for a lawyer, anyone can file an application to the court for an order in the nature of Mandamus forcing the Minister to do as he/she is required to do under their own legislation.

The cost of doing so is of course about 150.00 but if you live on low income such as welfare or ODSP you can apply for a fee waiver and have court fees waived.

Anyone interested in doing so please contact me for discussion.

The following e-mail seeks to find out if the Ministry has any obligation to ensure Children's Aid Societies comply with the CFSA and the Regulations pertaining to Standards. The Ministry's response will be posted as soon as it is received.

John Dunn

To Judy Dunnington

From:    John Dunn (
Sent:    April 20, 2011 2:02:57 PM

To:     Judy Dunnington ( Judy Dunnington

Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Eastern Region

Judy Dunnington,

I am writing to ask if you could please provide a written response (e-mail or paper) from the Ministry to the following questions

1. Does the Ministry of Children and Youth Services create Ministry Standards and Standards Guidelines which pertain to Children's Aid Societies in Ontario

2. Does the Ministry of Children and Youth Services have any obligation or ability what so ever to enforce the Standards and Standards Guidelines on Children's Aid Societies

3. Can the Ministry define what it means when it says it only has a "Monitoring Role" over children's aid societies

4. What are Ministry Issued "Directives" and does the Ministry have the ability to enforce Ministry Issued Directives

5. Why will the Ministry of Children and Youth Services not publish on their website copies of Directives issued to Children's Aid Societies

Thank you very much

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

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