Friday, April 29, 2011

Huron Perth CAS Fails in Attempt to Withhold Policy and Procedures Manual

This particular post is helpful to show Ontarians the power of getting the Ontario Government to take over Children's Aid Societies. Definitely an issue to raise at the Ontario Elections in October of 2011.

Recently the Ontario Government, through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services took over the Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society, and shortly after, John Dunn called the CAS to ask for a copy of the Policies and Procedures manual to see if they would attempt to deny they were now covered by Freedom of Information legislation due to the take over.

The agency denied FIPPA applied to them. Dunn then sent in a FIPPA request to the Ministry seeking the Policy and Procedures Manual of that particular agency, and was successful.

Listen to the Phone Call in MP3 thanks to for archiving it
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See the Policy and Procedures Manual which was obtained despite the CAS's attempt to withhold it as an "internal document" not for public viewing.

(thanks to for archiving it)
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