Friday, April 15, 2011

CFSRB Asked for Details on Lack of Oversight of CASs

The following letter was sent out to the Child and Family Services Review Board (the Board) which the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Minister, Lorel Broten claims has oversight of Children's Aid Societies to take complaints.

The Board response will be posted here once received.

From:    John Dunn (

Sent:    April 15, 2011 8:50:25 AM

To:     CFSRBOliverUrcuyo CFSRBOliverUrcuyo (

Cc:     Ottawa-West Nepean MPP - Bob Chiarelli;
NDP Child Welfare Critic, MPP - Andrea Horwath;
Ontario Ombudsman, Andre Marin;
PC Child Welfare Critic, MPP- Sylvia Jones;
NDP MPP France Gelinas;
PC MPP - Randy Hillier;
PC MPP - Tedd Arnot;
Oliver Urcuyo,
24th Flr
2 Bloor St W
Toronto ON M4W3V5
Phone: 416-327-9288   Email: 

Mr. Urcuyo,

As acting Manager of the Child and Family Services Review Board, could you please answer for the public the following questions:

1. How long has the Board been turning away complaints by CAS clients as the result of the Superior Court of Ontario decision which removes jurisdiction from the Board to deal with complaints about Children's Aid Societies?

2. When did the Board inform the Ministry of Children and Youth Services of this important issue and how?

3. How many CAS related cases have been turned away as the result of this bad decision.

4. Will the Board review all of the applications which were rejected if the appeal is successful?

5. Will or has the Board put information pertaining to this important issue on their website for the public and send a press release relating to it to Ontario media sources?

6. Are you aware that Societies (Ottawa CAS Specifically) have been refusing to initiate ICRP panels since the Board lost jurisdiction over those complaints?

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

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