Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Does TVO Matter to You?

TV Ontario (TVO) is an important media resource (especially Steve Paikin) for bringing issues of concern to Ontarians. If you have concerns about Children's Aid Societies, and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Ontario Government) not properly overseeing them, call TVO today and let them know.

They might not be able to do anything about your case right away, but enough calls and they will start to see an issue, and start responding with coverage. Remember to mention how the Ministry of Children and Youth Services is not properly overseeing the Children's Aid Societies and refer them to visit www.fostercarenews.blogspot.com extra details to backup what you are telling them.

Make a request to TVO to do a show on CAS's and the Government not properly overseeing them. Tell TVO to talk to John Dunn from afterfostercare.ca and to CanadaCourtWatch and Fixcas.com for a panel of knowledgeable people.

Be sure to click on the video below and when you get to YOUTUBE post your comment there as well.

To ensure you read the latest version of this post, please visit http://www.fostercarenews.blogspot.com as this post may have been modified since being sent out.

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