Monday, March 14, 2011

Huron Perth CAS Documents Available to Public

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Right now, and not for long, because the Huron Perth Children's Aid Society is temporarily under the control of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society is obligated (must) provide their documentary information to the public and to their clients if they are requested to do so under the FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)

Often CAS's claim that they do not have to give you copies of their case files. They feel often as demonstrated by how they often respond to requests for disclosure of clients files, that they do not have to do so unless ordered by the courts to do so.

In short, this means that if you write a letter asking for any documents (your own case file or visitation supervisor notes etc.) that are under the Society's custody OR control, you can get them by asking for them in a written letter to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Here is how:

Ministry of Children and Youth Services
FIPPA Co-ordinator

Date: __________________-

Subject: Request for ______________(put what you want here)_____________

I am a client of the (or I am a citizen interested in obtaining records from the ) Children's Aid Society of Huron Perth.

I wish to request under FIPPA, a copy of the following records as defined in the FIPPA

1. All records pertaining to or involved with my own case file.

2. Access Visit superviser notes

3. Any and all records as defined in the FIPPA which pertain to my children's case files

I am also at this time requesting a waiver all all fees associated with this request, except the five dollar fee to make this request (which is required by law) as it would cause me undue hardship since I am in a low income status.

I have enclosed a cheque or money order made payable to the Minister of Finance, for five dollars to cover the legal minimum fee requirement as per FIPPA.


Your Name here
Your Address Here

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