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MPP Bob Chiarelli - Discussion on Bill 131 - Ombudsman Oversight

Ontario MPP Bob Chiarelli of the Ottawa-West Nepean Riding offers via his Facebook profile, public access to discussions of various topics of concern to his constituents, and those of Ontarians generally.

John Dunn, a constituent of Chiarelli's posted a discussion topic regarding Bill 131, a Bill regarding Ombudsman oversight of the MUSH sector, including Children's Aid Societies.

The original post is as follows:

Thank-you Bob Chiarelli for offering open and transparent discussion forums to the citizens of your riding, and the province of Ontario.

As a citizen who resides in Ottawa-West Nepean, I wanted to ask Ontarians to engage in a discussion regarding Bill 131, a Bill which has been introduced at the Ontario Legislature seeking Ombudsman oversight of a children's aid society, hospital, long-term care home, school board, and retirement home.

Do you think Bob Chiarelli, as an MPP who represents YOUR wishes and needs within the Legislative Assembly of Ontario should support Bill 131?


There is non-partisan, citizen-created website dedicated to Bill 131 which lists MPPs who support the Bill, MPPs who do not support it, and those who have failed to respond.

So far, Bob Charelli is listed as having failed to respond. Let's change that. Let's at least hear from him if he supports the Bill, and why, or why not.

It's your duty to actually call him and ask. Here's his number. Call. It's the least you can do to take part in the democratic process.

If you support or don't support the Bill, post a reply here and say why or why not. But don't stop there, be sure to call his office and let him know if you want him to support it.

201-2249 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2B 7E9 Tel: 613-721-8075 Fax: 613-721-5756

Queen's Park Main Legislative Building - Room 372
Toronto, ON M7A 1A4 Tel: 416-325-8841 Fax: 416-325-8860

Feel free to check Bob Chiarelli's position on this important matter by visiting the following link:

Let's see what you have to say! And thanks Bob for letting your citizens have a voice and to participate in the democratic process.

Some responses which have been posted so far:

Paul Williams
I think any politician who does not support this bill is doing children in care a huge injustice. Look at the lives that have been ruined, look at the children who have died in care, look at the survivors like me, who because of the abuse suffered in care, have been unable to lead a normal life. As a result of the abuses and very poor and outright neglectful care I received and how it has affected my life I have commenced legal proceedings against the Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society and others involved in the instances of my abuse.

Bill 131 needs to go through, it needs teeth and the people responsible for allowing abuse to occur and those who perpetrate such abuse should be doing jail time and the victims/survivors should be compensated.

To ensure you read the latest version of this post, please visit as this post may have been modified since being sent out.

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  1. Yes Bob, why would you delay in responding to a request to clarify where you stand on such an important issue as Ombudsman oversight of CAS oversight. As you may recall the Children's Aid Society contributed tremendously to the homeless problem in Ottawa between 2002 and 2006 that caused so much trouble from your administration of Ottawa.

    A move in this direction would curtail the activities of the CAS tremendouly especially under Andre Morin as he has the integrity to push for change where change is required.

    So come on board Bob and join the growing group of concerns Citizen who are saying enough is enough. We want to see and end to the 140 years of huge government funding with unconstained spending and doubious practices and proceedures. The other viable option is full government take over. As you know Ontario is teh only province in Canada that has a private unaccountable agency providing so called child protection. All other province have government child protection agencies.

    But Bob no action at all is not acceptable.

    So Bob it is time to declare which side the fence you are on or we are going to assume you support the status quo of business as usual at the CAS's across the province.

    Jane Scahrf