Monday, January 03, 2011

Harvard Psychologist Gives Canada's Family Courts a Failing Grade

While conducting regular research into child weflare in Canada and the related courts the Foster Care Council of Canada discovered the following assessment of Canadian family court custody reports and assessments by Harvard Psychologist and Researcher Paula J. Caplan.

"Harvard Psychologist and Researcher, Paula J. Caplan did an assessment in Canada of the custody reports/assessments performed in the family courts and was shocked by the results which revealed sloppy work, skipped steps in the analysis and the psychologists claiming to know things they did not know. She said that judges and lawyers assume that psychologists and psychiatrists are performing objective science in custody cases which is absolutely false.

Family court judges need to be quite critical of the assessments performed and, by all means, should not be abdicating their decision making in very difficult custody cases to a so-called psychological expert. This work is generally biased and unscientific.

Dr. Caplan also expressed her dismay at the lack of follow-up on placements done based upon court decisions and custody assessments.

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- Original Source: Attorney Lisa Macci

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