Thursday, January 13, 2011

Former CAS Worker Thinks CAS is Government Agency

A self-confessed former CAS worker falsely claims that CAS's are government agencies. This is not true and the public are also often under the false impression that they are as well. Children's Aid Societies are private, non-profit corporations, which are approved by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services as such. Staff of Children's Aid Societies make mistakes.

Often we have heard that staff of Children's Aid Societies also illegally call themselves Social Workers despite the fact that the law prevents them from doing so unless they are registered with the College of Social Workers and Social Service workers. Source: To ensure you read the latest version of this post, please visit as this post may have been modified since being sent out.

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  1. So what does a family do..when they have proof that most of the board is not registered and niether are the "family protection workers"?
    If they are private agencies...maybe our family should incorporate ourselves and refuse to have contact!