Thursday, January 27, 2011

Council Asking Ottawa CAS to Live Up To Their Word on Transparency

Early in 2009, after years of advocacy and related litigation, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa took its first step toward increasing the transparency and accountability of its operations in decades by publishing for the first time on it's website, information pertaining to the public right to attend the Society's monthly board of directors meetings and to access the minutes and agendas of those meetings.

The Foster Care Council of Canada commended the Society for taking such a bold step [see letter here] to increase the transparency and accountability of its operations on May 02, 2009.

However, the Society's newly created "Board of Director Activities" page claimed in 2009 that shortly it would post for the general public on it's website, "Notice of Board of Directors Meetings". It is now approximately two years later and those notices have not yet been posted to the site. This means approximately 20 meetings or so have been held by the Board of Directors without any public notice of such being put out to the public via the Society's website.

Recently the Foster Care Council of Canada sent a letter to the Society's Communications Officer, France Clost, asking about this. (enclosed below) The Society's response will be posted here immediately upon receipt.

January 27, 2011

France Clost
Communications Officer
Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

I am contacting you as the Communications Officer to ask when the Society plans to put on its website the schedule for Board meetings.

The new Directors page has been on the website for approximately a year or more as far as I recall and it says:

The following notices will be posted shortly on this website for the general public:

  • Notice of Board of Directors Meetings
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting

Does the Society still plan to post this information on it's site and if so, have you heard when?

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Response Pending:

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