Friday, December 10, 2010

Thunder Bay Lawyer Filing Suit Against CASs and calls for Inquiry

A lawyer in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Francis Thatcher of Bird and Thatcher was interviewed on CBC regarding legal action against a Children's Aid Society in Ontario and about a call for a public inquiry.

Some quotes from Francis Thatcher

"if you cross or dispute anything that the Children's Aid Society does, they will turn on you like a rabbid dog... and ruin your reputation... and they do it"

"we will be suing the Children's Aid Society for Negligent Investigation, Malicious Prosecution, Defamation, as well as taking steps for a court order to have these people removed from the child abuse registry"

"Frankly I think that the entire Children's Aid situation or regime in Ontario is broken and it needs to have a public inquiry on a province wide basis, the existing Societies need to be destroyed, or eliminated..."

Listen to the Interview by clicking here:

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  1. It is about time the Thunder Bay CAS was called to task for their behaviour. This is truly one of the most broken Children's Aid Society's in Ontario.

  2. Thats too bad they used to be very good, caring and compassionate. They did wonders for me and my sisters after abuse by a stepmother many many years ago - like 40 years ago. Times have changed, kids are not used with discipline, respect for others - parents have no rights to raise their children properly, and when they don't then and only then should CAS be involved.

    1. Did the CAS ever inform you about your right to file a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board?