Thursday, December 30, 2010

Policy and Procedures Manual of a CAS Obtained and Shared

The Huron Perth Children's Aid Society was taken over by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services temporarily since their board decided to close their doors this December.

Since the Ministry has taken over the agency, that one particular CAS is now a government agency owned and operated by the Ministry. Therefore that agency is subject to FIPPA request for access to documents and records.

John Dunn, recently obtained the Policy and Procedures Manual of that particular agency and has posted it online for all to view. It is a large file, with multiple directories and subdirectories and files, zipped into one compressed Zip file.

You can download a copy at the following link [click here] and if you don't know how to uncompress a .zip file please ask someone who is good with computers, or google it. Dunn is unable to and will not answer this particular question.

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