Friday, December 03, 2010

Former Foster Child Fears CAS Will Take Her Baby

A woman has contacted the Foster Care Council of Canada seeking support citing fears that a CAS will take her baby when it is born simply because she was in foster care herself.

The woman informed the Council that a Social Worker she spoke to told her that the fact that she was in care as a child makes it a real risk of having her child being apprehended at birth.

Apparently hospitals have lists of names given to them from CAS's across the province which make the hospitals call CAS when a child is born to those on the list. Prior involvement with a CAS is often a reason for having their name on the list.

This happened in Ottawa where a mother gave birth to a child and her name was on the hospital list having been in care herself. That mother is still fighting for the return of her child several months later.

The Council will monitor this situation and report on it as it develops.

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