Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dunn to Appeal CAS Charges Dismissal

John Dunn will be appealing the decision of a Justice of the Peace which dismissed the charges against the Ottawa CAS and its executive director. The dismissal of the charges against them was ordered because Dunn, while acting as the private prosecutor, was late for trial due to the fact that he was confused as to the time of trial.

Dunn has served the defendants with the Notice of Appeal and with receipts verifying he has ordered the transcript of the dismissal date, and will proceed to file the papers with the appeal court.

Dunn says there are a couple of ways this appeal could go. The defendants lawyers could attempt to block the appeal by various means including attempting to label him as a frivolous and vexatious litigant, something they have done before to other people who have gone up against them, or they could try and fight the appeal by saying it is a malicious prosecution etc.

In the alternative, they might support the appeal because they have stated via e-mail to Dunn that they want to make him answer in cross-examination for all of his advocacy efforts over the years.

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