Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bill 122 - Prevents CAS's Using OACAS to Lobby Government with Public Monies

Bill 122 in the Ontario Legislature will prevent the Children's Aid Societies from using public funds to lobby governments. This includes Ministry Allocated Transfer Payment Funds which are supposed to go to Child Protection Services from being used as membership fees in the OACAS.

Currently the Societies across Ontario pay approximately 3 Million dollars a year in Ministry Allocated Transfer Payment Funds for membership with the OACAS, which is a registered Lobby group, which lobbies the Government for public funds.

Something which, if Bill 122 (Bill 122, An Act to increase the financial accountability of organizations in the broader public sector) is passed, will become an offence, which regular citizens can press charges similar to the charges pressed by John Dunn for a Society contravening section 307 (5) of their governing legislation, the Corporations Act.

MPP France Gelinas said in the Legislature (Wed, Oct 27, 2010) the following:

"So we have Bill 122. What is in the bill is that the broader public sector organizations—these are fancy words that mean hospitals, universities, local health integration networks: agencies that receive money from the government. They also include.." "... children’s aid societies, school boards, and every organization that received more than $10 million in public funds in the previous year. We call them the broader public sector organizations. It’s all of them. Those organizations will be prohibited from using public funds to hire lobbyists with that money."

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  1. This would be a wonderfull addition to the Alberta Laws. We have lobbyists from several organizations and so-called business partnerships in several organizations which use their government funds to permit the market enhancement of their services. In some cases they have been very sucessful in pushing pharmaceuticals as well as false/disproven data supporting the use of their programs. For example the lobby group Autism Speaks has created support for false diagnosis, many children diagnosed freshly by the Childrens services network while being abused in care ( That is isoalated prevented from normal routines, maternal deprivation, bad health care, examination and reexamination until they can be diagnosed by the use of healthcare funding frud against the province and the federal Government in tri-partite agreements) In many cases they have been promoting a ludicrous disproven idea that the MMR3 vacine is repsonisble for autism at least in part. The Alberta psychological Association is training psychologists to counsel to ease the pain of vacination!!!Attacks include parental assessements as well in order to prevent the parents from stopping the inasanity of testing. The intention is that indutrial lobbyists will also have the issue of toxic poisoning ( Bisphenol A, Arsenic, and Mercury) to the child's family instaed of the industry creating the water and airborn toxins) This has become so absurd in Alberta that children are regularly attacked by Alberta Childrens Services and their partners in the public sector as well as the Autism Speaks funded research groups at the Hospital (The Glenrose.)False attribution of issues has become an art. Lately the attack includes the use of a lobbyist for pharmaceuticals from Detroit selling research on pharmaceutical intervention for Adolescents in Calgary) The worst issue is the refusal to funding of the scientists at the University of Lethbridge supporting issues in recovery and diagnosis regarding Neuropsychology although they wrote the texts and are world reknowned).What would you say is more damaging apprehension or vacination. I'd say the apprehension pre-age five especially witll cause so much damage for children and so much abuse that the children will have been effectively sold to the pharmaceutical companies. ( Risperadol is a favorite here attacking the child's brain development and metabolism.) Attackers include internal lobbyists such as the Unions in the public sectors especially in Alberta the provinical Union of Public Employees including Sandra Azocar part author of the new child attack laws.