Wednesday, December 01, 2010


NOTE: John Dunn thought the court case was at 9:30 although he asked people to attend at 9:00 to be early. Since he entered the court late, the case was dismissed. He is considering his options with regard to appealing the dismissal due to his error on time of trial. If there are costs associated with an appeal this will prevent him from pursing an appeal as he has no income.

This is a prime reason it would be nice to have a lawyer volunteer for prosecuting such offences. Someone who is more organized. If you know anyone, please ask them to contact us at 613-220-1039.

A trial date of December 01, 2010 has been set for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and it's executive director Barbara MacKinnon (the defendants) to defend themselves in court for contravening an offence creating provision of the Corporations Act they are obligated to comply with which would allow citizen's to advocate for changes to the way the Society operates by contacting the existing members to ask them to vote on certain changes. The Society, in what appears to be an attempt to block citizen engagement has blocked this statutory right of access by contravening the law.

Private Prosecutor and former Crown Ward John Dunn will present his case against the defendants on Wed December 01, 2010 at 9:00am in Court room 101 at 100 Constellation Cres. in Ottawa.

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The defendants have previously lost their motion to the court which sought to have the charges against them dismissed. The Justice of the Peace instead dismissed their motion allowing the charges to proceed.

Please attend court on December 01, 2010 if you are interested in watching this case.

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