Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ottawa CAS Attempts to Avoid Charges Against Them

The Ottawa CAS has filed a motion (see below) to have the charges against them dismissed/permanently stayed in an attempt to avoid being held accountable for failing to furnish a list of their members as required by section 307 (1) of the Corporations Act, which governs non-profit organisations. Dunn has until Monday the 18th of August to file his response to the motion.  
The motion is scheduled to be heard at 9:00am at 100 Constellation Crescent (Near Algonquin College)

The last sentence of Paragraph 2 says I have made several requests. This is a lie. I only made one proper request in February of 2007.


  1. doing a wonderful job keeping people informed and fighting for the rights of us all

    thank you John

    sheryl (toronto)

  2. Thanks Sheryl, I just wish we did not have to fight for such simple things as a list of their members. They expect citizens to abide by court orders and by statues yet CAS's break court orders and laws regularly without being held accountable.

    Unfortunately, it appears I may not win this case. I filed my materials late and can not use them in court. We will have to see how things go.

    PS: Hello Counsel for the CAS in Ottawa! I know from looking at my blog stats that you have been visiting my blog on a regular basis and I just wanted to say hello!