Sunday, April 04, 2010

16 Year old foster child beats Ontario Children's Lawyer

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An Ontario foster child beats the Ontario Children's Laywer who refused to allow the teen to enter an affidavit of their own, which once the youth stood up for themselves in court, WON and was allowed to go home with the teens father!

From Canada Court Watch website:

"In the end, the teen had to stand up in the court and to tell the judge that she had an affidavit for the court which her children's lawyer did not have the guts to do for her. The judge listened and took the affidavit into chambers and after a short recess returned to the court with a court order which ordered that the child be allowed to go home with her father. Standing up on her own two feet and speaking for herself, the young teen put all the high priced lawyers in the room to shame"

Read more at Canada Court Watch: here

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