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Yet Another Child Dies in Alberta Under Child Welfare

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Thank you to Velvet Martin for bringing this to our attention: into toddler's death

By Florence Loyie, Edmonton JournalMarch 4, 2010

Alberta Children and Youth Services and police are investigating the death of a toddler who died Wednesday in an Edmonton hospital.

"It's a very tragic situation and it's heartbreaking," said Yvonne Fritz, Minister of Children and Youth Services.

"We did have a child under the age of two who was in our care from the Edmonton area, (who was) hospitalized and has since died."

Fritz said she could not confirm that the child had been in a Morinville foster home because of privacy laws.

An Edmonton television news station reported the girl was rushed to hospital Monday after an alleged incident in her Morinville foster home. The child's biological family told the station they were told the child may have been shaken to death.

The minister said she has directed an internal investigation into the circumstances around the child's death to begin immediately.

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Foster child's death investigated
Last Updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 | 8:20 PM MT
CBC News
The death of a child who was in foster care in the Edmonton area is being investigated by the Department of Children and Youth Services and the RCMP.

The child was taken to hospital in serious condition Monday and died Wednesday, said Stuart Elson, who speaks for the department.

The cause of death and details about the child were not released.

The child’s natural parents have been advised of the death, Elson said.

Yvonne Fritz, the minister of children and youth services, is expected to provide further details Thursday.

2nd probe in a month
This is the second major investigation ordered by the Children and Youth Services Department in a month.

In February, a Calgary foster father was charged with several offences, with police alleging he offered money to three underage boys in his care in exchange for sex acts. Police believe the man took care of 55 foster children, all boys, over the past 20 years.

Fritz closed the foster home and ordered an immediate review of the case.

The province has come under harsh criticism for its handling of the Children and Youth Services Department, and New Democratic Party MLA Brian Mason said the latest incident is part of a worrisome trend.

'Things are not going to get better'
"Without knowing of course the specifics of this case, I am quite sure that when they're cutting millions of dollars out of the children's services budget, especially for enforcement, that things are not going to get better."

In the provincial budget brought down Feb. 9, the Children and Youth Services Department was cut $36 million, with nearly $28 million coming from child intervention services. Spending for foster care was increased $1 million to $163 million.

Alberta needs to provide more support and more stringent screening for foster parents, Mason said.

"[It's] an ongoing problem for which the government needs to act, and act quickly," he said.

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  1. Maybe if the department followed their own act instead of blaming everyone else things like this would not occur but the minute it becomes apparent that the department might become blamed for failing to reveal information that may have saved these children or even listen to children that tell them they are at risk what the hell do they think is going to happen, to many times the department has been allowed to walk away from these types of tragidies by placing the blame else where it IS there job to PROTECT these kids and to ensure that weather or not they are in care or at home all children are protected, open your eyes people you wonder why these kids grow up and rape, kill maybe its because evryone in their entire lives have allowed these things to happen to them including the department whose policy is in fact that unless the child is in direct threat of death leave them where they are. Whose fault is it that these tradgedies continue to happen the ones with the fat paychecks who cry for more pay raises and make the rules leaving these kids out in the cold