Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peel CAS Worker Interfering in Crown Ward Education

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According to electronic communications the Foster Care Council of Canada received from a Peel Children's Aid Society youth in foster care, her worker, Andrea Stewart has been interfering with her education on a regular basis and failing to deliver her independent living support cheques on time.

The youth has complained about not being able to purchase a bus pass in order to get to school, missing and orthodontist appointment due to her not having a bus pass, among other things. In her latest communication to her worker Andrea, she wrote the following:

"In regards to the letter to CAS about the method on receiving monthly cheques, Andrea had informed me that she personally delivers them directly to her clients before the end of the month. However, she tends to deliver mine during the first week of the new month, so I have to miss a week of school.

Andrea, why can't the society just work with me instead of working against me? I have to take time during class to email you constantly, which is interfering in my school work and academics, as well as my teacher's are not impressed with the constant emailing I have to do.

I had informed you that school was important to me. I expect you to deliver the cheque to me by March 31, 2010, seeing as how I do not have transportation to school for tomorrow. Unless you wish to drive me to school and bring me back home everyday?

Make sure to be there by 7:30am then. It is hard to attend school though if someone hasn't eaten in a few days. I need the cheques before the months actually begin Andrea, what if I contacted your other clients? Would they tell me you delay their cheques as well? If I do not receive this cheque by that date, I will be taking the society to small claims court. Actually, either way I will be taking the society to small claims court, and preparing for this will also interfere in my academic studies.

We will be following this case very closely and reporting on it as updates are available. This youth has had ongoing issues with her worker as can be seen in a previous post [here]


  1. Why is this worker even involved with the check distribution? She should notify the accounts department in writing that she would like to do direct payment.
    The social worker should no access whatsoever to her payments.

  2. Great Information !

    Thanks for sharing it. It is very useful for my college education. (Child and Youth Worker)

  3. Contact the office of the Ontario Child Advocates, Irwin Elman the Ontario Child Advocate used to be the head of the Pape adolescent resource Centre and headed the Network group which adressed issues like this and other injustices faced by former and current youth in care. Also she can call the Pape Adolescent resource centre in Toronto and they can put her in touch with TONS of resources to deal with this.

  4. This girl is in touch with them and has CC'd their office on her communications each time. I am not sure if they are acting or just reading her messages. But she knows how to contact them and hoopefully has or will if not.