Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ottawa Children's Aid Society Flirts with Offences

The Ottawa Children's Aid Society is once again flirting with the possibility of committing an Offence under section 45 (8) of the Child and Family Services Act which prevents anyone from making public information which has the effect of identifying a child who is the subject of a child welfare proceeding or their foster parents.

In a recent Media Alert the Society invites the media to attend a public event where foster parents and foster children will be in attendance and where youth and certain spokespersons will be available for media interviews.

The Council will provide the Society with notice of the fact that they could be in contravention of 45 (8) of the Act if any foster parents or youth under the age of 18 who are the subject of a child protection proceeding are identified.

There are no exemptions or "consents" encoded in the statute or its subordinate regulations as the Society claims which would enable anyone to publish information which has the effect of identifying a child who is under 18 and who is still the subject of a child protection proceeding, or their foster parent.

Anyone caught making such information public is at risk of being prosecuted.

Media Alert Below:


Transmitted by CNW Group on : February 10, 2010 09:34
"We Need Families" - Youth in Care hold press conference on Parliament Hill on Family Day

OTTAWA, Feb. 10 /CNW Telbec/ - Youth in Care use their voice and stand together to bring awareness to the need for foster families across Eastern Ontario. During the third annual Foster a Snow Angel event, youth in care are inviting the community to make angels on Parliament Hill. This emotionally charged event aims at bringing much needed attention to the number of children and youth in Eastern Ontario who need families.

Foster families and their children from Belleville to Cornwall, Pembroke to Brockville will be converging on Parliament Hill to demonstrate the need for foster families for children in the care of Children's Aid Societies in Eastern Ontario by making snow angels. Each snow angel represents a child or youth in care waiting for a family.

During their press conference the youth in care will speak of their personal experiences and will be introducing the special guests.

When: Day in Ontario
Monday, February 15, 2010
11:30 a.m.

Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa
The event will take place on both sides of
Centennial Flame before the steps

Special Guests: Senator The Honourable Jim Munson
Sénateure Lucie Pépin
MP The Honourable Peter Milliken
MP Paul Dewar
Députée l'honorable Madeleine Meilleur
MPP Yasir Naqvi
Your Worship Larry O'Brien, Mayor of Ottawa
Clive Doucet, City Councillor
Jim Watson

Photo ops & Interviews:

* The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa has ensured that the youth in
care who are participating in the press conference and those
identified as spokespeople can be photographed and interviewed.
Proper consents have been obtained therefore the media will not be in
contravention of section 45 of the CFSA. France Clost of the
Children's Aid Society of Ottawa Communications Office will assist
the media with photo ops at the event. Should the media have
questions regarding confidentiality requirements or the CFSA, please
contact France Clost.

For further information: Eastern Zone Children's Aid Societies: France Clost, Communications, The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, (613) 747-7800 ex. 2033, (613) 513-8842 (mobile),


  1. The Children's Aid are using the vulnerability of these children to propagate their personal their failure to attract foster parents. The use of children in this manner is paramount to sex-ting. Considering that children of this age can be coheres into the "fame" of being on the media, let alone that such is a contravention of the law.

    When one considers the Children's aid claim that they are endowed with, "the best interest of the child" one certainly has to question their motives. What is seemingly being said is that they believe they are above to law.

    Moreover, this suggests that there are issues as to why many do not want to be foster parents and as a last resort they are attempting to use children to attain their goals. Perhaps what they should be asking is, Why have so many who have been foster parents quit. Perhaps it is due to Children's Aid mismanagement and deceitful manner that they have treated foster parents.

  2. Donald, get over yourself.

    it's hard enough for the CAS to do their job as it is, so let's all band together and fight the evil CAS who want to publish pictures of kids and families involved with the "system"(gasp!!! the following concept is so offensive and intolerable you might not be able to handle it!!!) who might give the perception to the public that they are doing their best to live fulfilling lives while going thru difficult times....

    Donny it sounds like you have a personal axe to grind here. My advice to you is to give it up man.

    People need to work together to solve the problem of lack of foster placements by any means necessary, and don't need constant finger pointing and threats of "legal action" over silly technicalities like this.

  3. Child Abuse & Betrayal
    My involvement with the Children’s Aid was a shocking eye opening. This has to be the biggest distraction of families in history. We all know why Children’s Aid was created, but for many of those that never been involved with Children’s Aid can simply not even imagine the nightmare that Children’s Aid are inflicting on families. It goes beyond imagination.
    No story can be told unless you understand how the system works. People don’t understand what the Child Protective Services really mean. We need to understand how the Children’s Aid seizes unlimited control, and how this is happening.
    In my opinion when the Children’s Aid became secure, realized they could get billion, assure victory of no oversight, accountability and transparency that when they seize their golden chance to get Billion from the government. They believe people will never stand up, and demand accountability. After all they save children.
    They also found something when they came across people that would believe in their powerful words. Useful tool , effective speakers. Many people believe all families are drug addict, bad people, and they were” the good people” in a way to attract rich people to become useful tool. They are using people and the media in a very clever way. This is a commonly view, but there is a different view that if you have not seen it, or been involve in Children’s Aid you cannot imagine.
    Exposing the corruption, fraud and their Misconduct
    • Degrading conducts ( selfish, cruel, treacherous, shameless)
    • Highest target is poor parents to lose children,, because they do not have the resources or money to fight the system.
    • Actively parents to fight on behalf of their children, are arrested and incarcerated, to defame and ridiculed in the local media in order to destroy, and cover up their mask in misconduct.
    • Degrading agencies ( a uncontrollable crew who victimized the poor of the poor)
    • The government, the court have legalized child abduction so that these agencies can deal in trafficking children for cash fund for themselves.
    • Child protective Service and Juvenile Court can always hide behind a confidential clause in order to protect their decisions and keep funds flowing.
    • Kidnapping season is open all year long on all kids

    Look who is being paid!
    • State employees
    • Lawyers
    • Court investigators
    • Court personnel
    • Coroner
    • And judges

    This is how it works. A string of connection all link to Children’s Aid;
    • Parenting class
    • Anger management classes
    • Counseling referral
    • Psychologists (7 to 10 thousand dollars) now every mother, father, and each set of grandparents for most part have to take the test= to $60 thousand dollars)
    • Psychiatrists (7 to 10 thousand dollars)
    • Neuropsychological consultation
    • Counselors
    • Case workers
    • Therapists
    • Foster parents
    • Adoptive parents
    • Therapy classes
    • Multiple other job

    Double Dipping

    The funding continues as long the child is out of your home. When a child in foster care is placed in a new family, more fund are available. That is why children moved from one foster home to the next.

    Children's Aid is no longer there for the "best interest of the child', but it is for their own self-interest. It is a choice from the CAS direstor to allow children to be abused, neglect, and murdered. Time for all canadian citizen that rteally have love for all children to say it stop now!

  4. Anonymous said...

    "Donald, get over yourself...People need to work together to solve the problem of lack of foster placements by any means necessary, and don't need constant finger pointing and threats of "legal action" over silly technicalities like this. "

    "by any means necessary";
    is the fundamental flaw, lies, deceptions bordering on criminal acts. While you don't post, anonymous, to conceal that that like the system you hide like a snake in the grass. Basically, what you are saying is the CAS's should be allowed to use children any way they see fit; while under any other circumstance such actions by a parent would be considered abuse.

    "Donny it sounds like you have a personal axe to grind here. My advice to you is to give it up man."
    Give up and allow you and yours to continue to abuse children?

    Moreover, you state the difficulties with finding "good foster parents"; is there any wonder once the see how CAS's violate their rights. While with other "foster parents" CAS's simply dump children on their laps. who have been bounced from one foster home to another, and expect them to solve such ritual abuse.

    Where as in other cases CAS,s simply dump children in foster homes with out proper investigations and proper monitoring, leaving 90 some children to die in the Province of Ontario-
    (gasp!!! the following concept is so offensive and intolerable you might not be able to handle it!!!) Are you that indoctrinated? or just ignorant?