Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Foster Parents Fear CAS Retaliation for Speaking Out

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Even foster parents have expressed a fear of CAS retaliation for speaking out. In a quote from the Peterborough Examiner followed by a link to the entire article.

Each home will be undergoing an assessment in the following weeks, Duguid said.

As a result, some foster parents might see a dip in their rates while others might see an increase, she said. "Overall, it's going to equal out the same," she said. The Examiner spoke to three experienced foster parents who expect to have their rates cut. Each said they feared reprimand if they went public with their concerns and would only talk on a condition of anonymity."

The link to the full article is revealed in the link below:

Full article


  1. CAS utilizes the use of private group and foster care services. These services charge CAS approximately $106/day and pay the foster parents $25.00/day. The difference is pocketed by these service providers. It goes to benefit them not the child.
    Also these agencies apply for a special needs benefit for babysitters, one on ones at an even higher rate than the per diem.

    I am no longer a foster parent. When sh*t happens we all know it rolls downhill on to us
    frontline workers and not to the people who make the big bucks.

  2. Is there a list of names for these private group and foster care services? This appears to be an issue which might need to be addressed. Why is there a middleman? It sounds like a foster care recruiting program no? Can you elaborate or at least e-mail me at to explain as much as you know. As for the proverbial dung rolling down the hill, I understand that fully. :) However, I could do with some discussion on that as well. I know there are a lot of issues to be looked at, and would love to start forming relations with people on the inside to discuss these issues and to have their concerns raised wtihout fear of retaliation.


  4. I have been in reading the posts and I agree with Anonymous. I have grave concerns about the quality of care provided by these private agency's as well.

    They are protected every bit as much as the CAS by the ministry. They are licensed by the ministry as well the only difference is they cannot apprehend children? They rob the system blind by inflating extra billing costs over and above the per Diem rates. Did you check out their services and per Diem rates on oarty? The services are all billed separately from foster care rates.