Sunday, February 21, 2010

Determining Public Interest

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As part of the ongoing investigation into the prosecution against the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and its executive director, Barbara MacKinnon, the Foster Care Council of Canada is asking the public to assist it in determining whether the prosecution is in the public interest or not.

Be sure to focus on why you believe the prosecution is in the public interest if that is what you believe. If you do not believe the prosecution is in the public interest, please explain why you do not believe so.

John Dunn, the individual who has initiated the prosecution asks the following from anyone.

"I would like to ask everyone to write a letter to the court (address it to "Your Worship" which is the Justice of the Peace) stating WHY YOU BELIEVE a prosecution against a Children's Aid Society in Ontario under section 307 of the Corporations Act for failing to furnish a list of their members IS OR IS NOT in the PUBLIC INTEREST and please send it to me at as I can use this in court as evidence of the PUBLIC INTEREST in this prosecution. Please write your address and sign it if you feel comfortable doing so."

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