Friday, January 08, 2010

Alberta Government Hiding Behind Child Welfare Confidentiality in Legal Matter

In Short. Lawyer in Alberta initiates class action lawsuit against Alberta Government on behalf of foster children who suffered damages while in foster care. Government tries to say kids in care want their privacy respected and won't give names and addresses to lawyer to join the suit because they will not want to reveal their personal information to a lawyer and the lawyer needs all the support he can get in the form of former and current foster kids swearing affidavits that say otherwise.

We want to hear from you, if you are a current or former ward or foster child, and if you would help our fellow foster brothers and sisters in that province by simply swearing an affidavit stating that you as a current or former foster child would have no problem giving your identifying information and address to the class action lawyer and to the court so that you could possibly win financial or other awards if your case were won.

DOn't let this particular government hide behind legislation that was put in place to protect kids in care, not to provide a wall for officials to hide behind.

Spread the word about this post to everyone you know. We need as many affidavits signed as possible.

IF you want to contact

John Dunn


  1. You have our support in forwarding this post. We know all too well the abuses from the children's services in Alberta. We are looking forward to nailing their collective asses with a huge lawsuit!

  2. Mr Lyons
    My name is Lorraine Cyr and I am involved with Mr. Robert Lee. I too, have had to deal with child welfare and I feel that they screwd up my life with their incompetence. Im so glad that Mr. Lee and you are taking our cases and listening to us. I have been abused physically, emotionally as well as other ways all while I was in the care of child welfare and they continue to get away with it today. I don't see why child welfare doesn't go after the parents and people who do these things to children. Charge these people with crimes against children.

    1. I am/was also Robert Lees client but now I have been advised that he is not physically or mentally competent to take my case any longer .I am now desperately looking for another Edmonton Attorney to take over my case

  3. If child welfare had of been doing their job in the first place, (when the system was first put in place) they may not be having these charges against them to begin with. Why were all these children abused while they were in the system. And, why did child welfare not have these abusers charged for the different abuses they did to these kids. Child welfare is just as guilty. All these so called child welfare workers weather they are social workers, ministers of child welfare, etc. are more concerned about how much money they make, they don't care about the children. Everyone knows that.


    This is yet another CONServative run BULL SH*T department that is filled with NOTHING but SECRECY. One only has to look at the fact that the mother of the little one who sustained permanent brain damage has yet to have many of her questions answered about what happened that day. This little boy's brain injury requires specialized care and he is going to need 24/7 nursing care for the rest of his life. Janis Tarchuk, the youth minister at the time, ordered a special case review to examine supports provided to the boy. That was more than a YEAR AGO!!!NOTHING has ever been publicly provided as PROMISED!!!

    Good ol' Heather Forsyth, Janis Tarchuk, and NOW Yvonne Fritz have ALL made public statements similar to, ' . . . . the foster care system in Alberta is the best in Canada . . .' Isn't it ironic that their propaganda filled bag of LIES always CONtradicts what is really happening in our Foster Care System.

    'Some foster children have been mentally, sexually and/or physically abused,' states a 2008 government-ordered review of Alberta foster care. Gee and then what does the government turn around and do because of a completely INADEQUATE assessment process??? They continue to place these children in Foster homes where, as Ms Dwyer stated, she was FURTHER, '. . . mentally and emotionally abused. . . ' and '. . . needs ignored.'

    Most recently the little babe that was MURDERED in Morinville had numerous relatives that asked to care for her - that infamous CONServative government's kinship care program and the propaganda BULL SH*T that is presented to the public states that this program is ALWAYS given 1st consideration. Funny but EVERYONE of her family members were denied. I don't believe that for one millisecond that they were ALL incapable or unfit to offer the little one a stable and loving home!!! If this doesn't bring you to tears NOTHING will!!!!



    The province and CONtracted PRIVATELY owned foster agencies claim they are selective about who they choose as parents!!! More propaganda BULL SH*T!!!

    NDP MLA Rachel NOTLEY, who believes the government, refuses to admit there are chronic problems in the department, lacks any and all credibility, as well as the turn coat Heather FORSYTH.

    Neither one of them have a right to be critical of the CONServative's or the Foster Care program. They BOTH were FAXED more than ample tangible and concrete evidence that Foster Parent martin edmond DUROCHER of Airdrie had committed numerous CRIMINAL ACTS and that BOTH the investigator for the province and his ex-cop buddies in Comical Crimes Unit had LIED and DENIED that DUROCHER had committed FRAUD as well as the numerous other CRIMINAL CODE of CANADA offenses. The Calgary cops even REFUSED EVIDENCE and what happened with THAT evidence? One cop who claimed I was out to destroy DUROCHER (normally what you do with the criminal element) and that it was too bad I was only severely disabled and not a senior as there would be more they could do for me - claims it’s lost and he’s not about to go searching for it!!!

  5. PART 2

    Martin Edmond DUROCHER of Airdrie liked to go around posing as a phony licensed prepaid CONtractor, passing out phony business cards for a phony CONtracting company, 'DIRECT CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS INC.' and DEFRAUDING a severely physically disabled widow out of more than $39,000.00+ leaving her home a 'DEATH TRAP.'DUROCHER was allowed to keep the $14,370.00 that by LAW was to be returned in 14 days.

    Not only was a blind eye been turned surrounding ALL of the CRIMINAL ACTS committed by DUROCHER, Heather FORSYTH even allowed DUROCHER to bring 2 FOSTER CHILDREN along with him [great role model!!!] and then had the audacity to name DUROCHER 'FOSTER (family) PARENT YEAR' and they have ALL allow him to continue to be President of the Calgary and Area Foster Parent Association.

    Or better yet there is Garry Prokopishin another 'FOSTER PARENT of the YEAR' who has been accused of being a Pedophile in Calgary who only took in BOYS. He's a DIRECTOR on the Calgary and Area Foster Parent Association board with DUROCHER!!!

    The Minister and the department's line that they, ' . . . .can't talk about it. . . ' sighting privacy issues is just more CONServative propaganda BULL SH*T. The only thing that THIS protects are the asses of the system, the ministry, the department and those who have been allowed to be Foster Parents.

    Foster Parents receive $1,380 per month per child and additional $$ for such things as the cost of babysitting and recreation. That greased CONServative propaganda machine claims, 'It's not an income.' More BULL SH*T!!! both DUROCHER'S claimed it as income on their publicly filed bankruptcy documents. Do the math $1,380 X 5+ foster children equates to$69900.00+ per month!!! AND who do you think helped maintain that illustrious ESTATE home the DUROCHER'S own in Jensen Estates in Airdrie when they claimed they didn't have enough $$ to meet their financial obligations on their signed under oath public bankruptcy docs. HIM for the 2nd time!!! This according to the CONServative government propaganda should have also prevented the DUROCHER'S from being Foster Parents. Being able to meet ALL your financial obligations is a MAJOR requirement for being a Foster Parent.

    Believe me when I say I have EVIDENCE to back up EVERYTHING I have stated including taped phone conversations. I would NOT be posting this if I didn’t nor writing comments about this in both the Herald and the Edmonton Journal.

  6. Child welfare is nothing but a big joke there are so many kids (now adults) living with mental problems, living on the streets, into drugs and alcohol etc, because of an ignorant bunch of jerks who work for this child welfare system. I don't see how these people look at themselves in the mirror everyday knowing full well of the lives that they have screwed up because of their incompetence and stupid policies. I have had social workers laugh in my face and saying nasty things to me, so I know full well what a joke this whole system is. And this Iris Evans who used to be the minister of child welfare was nothing but a joke as well. Years ago I had a social worker named melanie judge, and I don't ever remember her coming to the foster home and checking on me to see how I was doing or to even ask why I was so sad. She just totally ignored me, meanwhile, I was being abused physically, sexually and emotionally.

  7. Of course the child welfare system is messed up, its people running it thats why. Its hard for these people to understand what someone else is going threw, when they themselves are not. They just follow their stupid policies and ignore the child and his symptoms. And these ministers of child welfare? A joke is what they are. I am so upset with child welfare ruining my life, that I can't see straight. And they wonder why there is crime out there, well maybe these "criminals were abused to"

  8. Alot of these "child welfare workers" are just in it for the paycheck not for the benefit of others. They are not there to help better the lives of children, if they were, then there wouldn't be so many messed up people today. Furthermore, the government thinks that we should be scared of them, why? I am not. They don't want us to fight for our rights otherwise they (government) would loose control over the rest of us. They think we are a bunch of dummies who can be pushed around as children, then, be cowards when we are adults. They (government) doesn't know who they are dealing with, a bunch of angry victims thats who, and we have rights and we are going to continue to fight for our rights. There is power in numbers and the more of us that get involved, the smaller the government looks. WE ARE NOT SCARED OF YOU........ (this could be written by anyone, thats why I use anoymous) not because I am scared of retaliation, I am not.

  9. i would like to say how this has affected me and my life, first i was born to a couple who never wanted me in the first place. i was beaten, ignored, starved among other things, then i was placed in and out of foster homes where in some cases the same things would happen to me. my schooling was affected due to the fact i would be moved from one place to another, have to change schools, try to make new friends, and try to pick up where i left off in my school work. After awhile, i just gave up, i couldn't keep up, couldn'd make new friends, etc, so like i said i just gave up and started to get into trouble with the law, then i ended up in juvenile hall in edmonton, among other places. when i look back on all this trouble i got into, i now know it was just a cry for help which i never got. when my child welfare file closed when i was about 17, that was it, i was on my own to fend for myself. i have lived on the streets, got pregnant by different men, gave up my children, and have just survived by my wits. I am still trying to finish my schooling so i don't have to struggle anymore. How does this all make me feel, very angry, bitter, hostile towards any authority, and very anxious and depressed. so i feel that something needs to be done to wake up child welfare, and like one of these writers have stated up above, go after the abusers and charge them. It seems that they are getting away with everything.

  10. Recently the government issued a statement saying that they would make it nescesary for CCW workers to enforce criminal background checks and that those with any violent crime must be rejected. I was floored.It was a hard pill to swallow since I was placed in foster care when I was 3 (at the time I lived Montreal). I was in the governments "care" until I was 7, during that short time I was put in 3 different homes, the first two were horrid... I was often beaten and left without food. However I was lucky with my third home, they were very good people who took extremely good care of me, loved me and gave me many of the good values that have made me who I am today.There are times I wish I could have stayed with them instead of going back to my birth-mother who despite her best efforts simply wasn't mother material. There are thousands of children who need good homes and only a fraction of homes to be had, sadly it is only a fraction of those homes who deserve to take care of these children.Now I am grown with children of my own and when the time is right my husband and I will become foster parents. We were lucky and we may not have alot but what we have we will share. Mine and others suffering should not be in vain... We need to stand up and say enough is enough

  11. this is typical of government, god forbid if you don't pay your taxes or revenue canada will hound you, they don't care that you lost your job or are having problems in your life. But when it comes to the government paying for THIER mistakes, they lie, avoid, or try to push the problems under the carpet. The government won't forgive us, so why should we forgive them. i say, this lawsuit is a godsend. fight the government till the bitter end. lorelie

  12. When the "government" tried to have Robert Lee disbarred from doing his job, this just proves how corrupt government is. This so called system uses scare tactics against others for speaking out against it. Do not trust government at all. This is also the reason so many people slip threw the cracks and continue to do so today. Don't be afraid of government, keep exposing these monsters.

  13. I was reading an article about how the alberta government was trying to appeal this class action lawsuit against child welfare saying that "it is too late for most of these cases to go to court". Well, I want to know this, what is the difference between the residential school lawsuit and this lawsuit against childwelfare? Alot of the residential school survivors cases go as far back as the 1940's and 1950's, and these people are being compensated for it now, my case goes back to the 1960's and 1970's. So what kind of bs is the government trying to pull saying that. Don't you realize that no matter how long ago the abuse happenend, it still affects alot of us TODAY.

  14. Why is it so hard for children to get justice in this world? And yet Jean Chretien gets a pie in the face and the guy is charged, for getting a lousy pie in the face. Another incident, Ralph Klein the big mouth premier of Alberta, another one who gets a pie in the face for shooting off his big mouth, again, he gets justice. And a kid can't even get justice for more serious crimes done to them, like abuse of every kind. Something is really wrong here.

  15. Its not just kids in fostercare being abused by children services I was assu;ted by an investigator here in Edmonton Alberta and when I went to lay charges the police wouldnt charge her even though she out right admitted to grabbing me on the arm. This investigator left marks on my arm that were there for ovr 7 hours ... They seem to have rights to assult parents . This assult happened right in the court room . Her name is Denna Fairley and worked through Leduc services . The child services put my daughter in an unsafe place and she was sexually abused for over 6 months . This girl is now 16 years old and and so screwed up with life . This happened when she was 13. Another one of my daughters ( she was 5 at the time ) was removed from me and given to her dad .. I left him because of abuse to myself and the children . This we call revengefull exs. All this because he couldnt stand thinking he would have to pay child support . Now that child welfare is out of the picture Im left to fight for visitation and guardianship of my little girl. Again FALSE alligations !!!!! I am now going in to launch a law suite against child services for aii they have done to my children . I believe that they have over stepped their boundries in parents lives .

  16. I am currently dealing with children services for almost a year...Now I believe that these caseworkers are full of $%^#^..because the more children under their care, the more incentives they can get..more money to make it short..
    Anybody who can help me..??? My children 7 months old and 2 years old are in foster home...2 times during the last few 2 years old had bitemarks on his arms.The reason..."there is a biter in the foster home..another 2 year old child is being aggressive." Not only that..3 weeks ago, a deep scratch was seen on my son's right cheek close to his eyes. I asked the foster parents..why? And she replied on our communication book.."We didn't see the scratch on his face.."
    I have documented every single visit of my children in writing. To see my son with a bruise, a scratch, bitemarks, smelly breath, is something that is so devastating to me as their mother.
    And one more thing...I requested for a church visit...for an hour every Sunday.., Childrens Services refused once again..their reason is..the church will not help the children in their developmental stage.
    Anyone..who is concern, who can share stories..., who can give me advice..please email me..
    Take note also,, no drugs, no alcohol involve in my case. Domestic conflict is the reason. We are resolving the conflict by attending couple's counselling.
    It has been almost 5 months..I don't have my babies with me. If they do really care about building the family together...then they should care about the parents of the children also..
    Please advise...please... email address: Thank you

  17. how to find more info on the president of foster care, fraud??

  18. I was abused prior to and while in foster care too. My name is Jesse Larabee