Sunday, January 03, 2010

Foster Care Council Years in Review

Below you will find a list of links regarding some of the work we have been engaged in over the past several years.

Bill 133 - Kids in transitional housing - Stay in original school

In 2005, a Bill known as Bill 210 changed the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA). This was our submission regarding that Bill.

After the CFSA was amended, the Ministry had to then draft associated Regulations that give finer details as to how the new child-welfare complaints procedures are to be implemented. That is done through Regulations. We found out the Ministry does not consult the public on Regulations and made this submission to the appropriate legislative committee to advocate for open consultations with the public when drafting regulations.

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has an award on their site and it happens to be that two foster parents received the award. The award site identified the foster parents which is a violation of section 45 (8) of the CFSA. (that part we talked about where it should be made to be up to the victim not the system to remain confidential) So, since they enforce that against us, we enforce it against them.

1st Notice of Offence

2nd Notice of Offence

A Letter to Minister seeking a meeting (never accepted of course)

A freedom of Information Request letter to Ministry seeking a list of organizations who made submissions during the 2005 Ministerial review of the CFSA.

A letter to Ministry of Children and Youth Services' Freedom of Information unit regarding Bill 210's changes to the complaint procedure.

A letter to Ministry staff regarding me asking for a copy of the CAS of Ottawa's By-Laws which are supposed to be uploaded to the Ministry when made or amended. By the way, the letter shows that the Ministry staff (Enza Ragona) told me the Ministry does not have copies of Society By-Laws.. but they were wrong, I have obtained a copy from the Ministry and the CFSA requires the Societies to upload a copy of their by-laws to the Ministry.

Letter of complaint to Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies about newspaper identifying foster parent and foster kids

A sample petition regarding Ombudsman oversight of CAS's

Newspaper article with me on page 2

A notice to MPP's regarding a child welfare rally at queens park

Letter of complaint regarding Ministry violating privacy

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