Friday, January 22, 2010

BC Youth in Care - Listening to the Voices of Children

Read the Press Release regarding the report from the Ombudsperson regarding youth voices in complaints regarding their services [Press Release PDF]

Read the actual report [Hearing the Voices] and see a video below.

Check out this very well done video..


  1. Phenomenal video. I've added Chantai to my FB friends. She's an incredible BC youth advocate for children in care & former foster children. John Dunn is our equivalent (East Coast) but I wish we had someone like Chantai for Ontario. Andree Cazabon has done some award winning indie films on the subject, but I just feel like the word isn't getting out. We need someone grassroots...more local to construct a video, such as this, outlining material about the Ontario Provincial Youth advocates office etc., to put on Youtube or in Social service offices. I still feel like ordinary people aren't seeing the reality of Child Protection impact in Ontario; but the see the positive praise on nightly PSA's for "", or "I am your children's aid society" which are all sponsored, paid for & supported by the Ontario Association for Children's Aid Societies; an agency that accrues MILLIONS of dollars in membership fees to pay for stuff like this. Regular people who've been in care, or low income parents who've been grievously hurt by the system can't afford this level of PR!!! (Yvonne)

  2. On the downside, one of the unfortunate side effects of these "administrative systems" & political structures, is, they are just that. The complexities of efficient usage or resolution, most youth don't have the capacity or will power to contest such systems. It's emotionally traumatic for a parent combatting such things trying to promote their child in cares interests; then there's all the "fine print" of how there's no authority to "review" unless the child in care "invokes" their assistance. It is a rarity to find such an exceptional personality, in a child/youth, who has the fortitude or strength to do this. It's extremely intimidating. Then what is not being identified here (though I cannot speak for BC which may have more openness or accessibility-I can speak confidently about Ontario's standard) there is nil can be done but to "review" or try to act as a negotiator. It is all that is available, but in the least, few are able to resolve the child's complaints about lack of services, or not receiving recognition of rights, etc., in care. In Ontario, the Ombudsman has no jurisdiction over CAS; there is no accountability or transparency of CAS in Ontario. They are a private business, carrying out a job as defined by Provincial legislative acts; they have the power to police parents/families, engage the courts, remove your constitutional right to parentage, & they are nothing more than civillian employees receiving a paycheque at the end of the week. Provincial transfer payments support the individual agency administrative bodies so they can carry out these terrorist activities. No one, except a court of law can alter, change, or review a Child protection's a viscious cycle. No one wants to interfere, take on, or try to hold CAS or Child Welfare practises accountable. There is much promotion of children's rights being paramount, but trying to actually get someone who has an exclusive ability to act. Only CAS has immunity from reprisal & "free reign" to carry out their duties unquestioned or without interference, oversight or accountability. There is much room for gross abuses of authority, as identified in annual reports; it is perceived Ontario children in care have voices...but we are still trying to carve a tunnel through a mountain in assertion of those "inalienable" rights.(Yvonne)