Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Toronto CAS Forcing Clients to Use Certain Doctors and Knowing Nothing of CAS Memberships

The Foster Care Council of Canada has received a report recently from an informant who states that parents are being forced by the Toronto Children's Aid Society to use certain medical facilities and doctors as chosen by the agency as opposed to them being able to freely choose the legitimate doctors and medical facilities of their choice regarding the health of their child.

The parents have contacted the Children's Aid Society's doctor to ask for his "diagnosis" in writing and even after prompting by a Society worker, he has failed to respond for over two weeks.

The parents are also going to obtain a membership application with the Society in order to determine whether or not they are open to members of the community becoming members.

Already when the parents asked the front desk reception about memberships, they claimed not to know what the parents were talking about and referred them to volunteer services.

This matter is closely being followed and will be updated soon.

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