Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ontario Auditor to Consider CAS Spending on Illegal Purposes in Next Audit

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A staff member of the Ontario Office of the Auditor has confirmed that they will consider the materials which have been submitted to them regarding wasted and illegal expenditures of Ministry allocated transfer payment funds by CAS's during the next review of the "Child Welfare program" (CAS's) and Ministry oversight of such spending.

Auditor Staff: "Your suggestion is something that will be considered during the planning of the next audit on the Child Welfare program and the Children’s Aid Societies, along with the comments you have previously provided us"


  1. When is the next audit?

    These issues need to be addressed...not considered.
    As a taxpayer.. I have concerns about how much of my money goes to provide Care to a Child . I have no problem with my tax $ paying to provide Children with Care, I do have a problem with my Tax $ being spent on the CAS and it's staff to cover up thier illegal activities.

  2. I agree, however it is at least a step in the right direction. Especially since the staff also told me that they are not to talk about their work until a report is made public or something like that, so at least this hint was a little more than I expected.

    As for when the next audit will be, it might be a couple of years. No affirmative date so far.