Friday, December 18, 2009

John Dunn Files Complaint with CCAS Toronto - Access to Records

John Dunn has made a request to review records the Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society has about him for the purpose of ensuring their accuracy, although the Society claims he has no right of access to some of the files.

The Society denied his request, triggering him to file a compliant with the Society, as the first step in the complaint procedure before going to the Child and Family Services Review Board.

Update - February 23, 2010: The Child and Family Services Review Board has accepted the complaint as being within their jurisdiction to deal with. The Society now has to file with the Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB) their "summary reply" to the application within seven days from today (by Feb 02, 2010). In the Society's summary reply, they can address whether the subject of the complaint;

a) is an issue that has been decided by the court or is before the court; or
b) is subject to another decision-making process under the CFSA or the Labour Relations Act,

The Society may also raise any other issues related to the Board's jurisdiction to hear the matter. The Society then has to send their summary reply to me within 20 days from the 22nd (by March 01, 2010).

If the board determines that an oral hearing is required the parties will be contacted to schedule a Pre-Hearing and Settlement Facilitation Conference.

Parties shall submit all relevant documents 10 days before the above mentioned hearings dates are held.

See the on-going correspondence below:

From: John Dunn (
Sent: December 10, 2009 3:16:07 PM
To: Barbara Myland (
Barbara Myland

I would like to make a request to you on December 10, 2009 to have an opportunity to review all of the files the Children's Aid Society has which pertain to me for the purpose of ensuring their accuracy.

This includes records that the Society claims I am not entitled to as per your letter dated October 10, 2008

Specifically I would like to request that I can come in and review the following records to ensure their accuracy and to add any corrections I feel are necessary to ensure their accuracy to any readers thereof.

1. Case management reports

2. Family Information

3. Birth documents

4. Incident reports / Serious Occurance Reports detailing abuse and neglect I suffered while in care which the Society relied on to create submissions for and to the pair of successful Criminal Injuries Compensation Board claims I filed.

5. Legal / Youth justice Act / Young Offenders Act involvement

6. Life Book / Memorabilia

7. Medical / Dental Information

8. Psychological / Psychiatric Reports

9. Resource Reports (i.e. Outside Resources)

10. School Reports

11. Various / Miscellaneous (as listed by yourself... any and all)

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Foster Care News Blog

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Society Response

The Society's Disclosure Worker responded as follows with a CC to her supervisor

From: Barbara Myland (
Sent: December 18, 2009 4:10:55 PM
To: John Dunn (
Cc: Elaine Forrester (

Hi John:

I am replying to your email request, dated December 10, 2009. From this letter it is my understanding that you are asking to review the Society's records. Based on our previous discussions and correspondence you have been advised that there are some records that you are not entitled to review.

The Society's policy and practice has not changed in this regard. The Society's records cannot be changed but based on your previous reviews of the file material, if there is information that you feel is not accurate, you can write to us and we can add this information to the file.

Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto
Barbara Myland
Child Protection Worker - Disclosure
Adoption Services


  1. John i asked for my records years ago and could not understand why i was being told that i was not privy to information about myself. Im with you, knowing what i know today about cas i would also like to view anything they have on me, i believe it absolutley would be helpful in my recovery, its time. I need to know what to do, i to was with catholic childrens aid society.

  2. Well, contact me at 613-220-1039 sometime and I can guide you through the procedure.

  3. Well the hearing process is good but like my case it was 1 week before the hearing the the C.A.S. in kingston was not going to show up and well john most of my complaints were dismissed, with me and my 3 witnesses and my audio recordings nothing shouldve been dismissed not one person was there to argue the complaint.

    It also states that after the hearing you will recieve the results within 10 days of the hearing i did the hearing on june 19 and got my results and answer july 31st well out of the within 10 days. that system is just a slow down process from what you really want. go through the ontario human rights youll get more out of that, any information about you and you were a child when with them now your an adult they have to give you your own records just like if you were leaving jail anything that is yours they give you no matter what.

    If anyone wants me to post my CFSRB stuff i can show you the FCAS said i suruptiously recorded a meeting and well after the FCAS heard my evidence then it was considered a big oops cause at the same time i proved the worker that said she was in that plan of care wasnt even present, so now if i have proof that they lied and proof that my son was abused then why was my complaints dismissed. Because the CHILDRENS AID and the CFSRB are all the same place 1 uses the other to prolong the bullshit.

    thanks and if anyone wants to know well my name is jason saucier and my email is

    I have been fighting CAS for 1 year now and had my son in 7 months, i can give advice as well and am willing to help others on what i know.

    I got 2 workers removed from the case 2 managers removed and 1 worker now on stress leave. I am on a role.

  4. i really need some advice , anyone who knows that ccas is full of lies and bullshit!!!!
    My grandchildren were taken into custody over 3 months now for safety they claim my daughter did not provide lies after lies don know the whole process but am trying to get custody and have been told they have open files on me from when my children were smalli am looking to see what is on these files dont know the procedure can anyone help