Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He Took My Pain - You Tube Poem - By John Dunn

John Dunn has uploaded an audio recording of a poem he wrote in 2001 which refers to a moment in his life at age 09 (1980) after having been moved to a new foster home and he was feeling particularly hurt and upset by the loss of his friends at the old foster home.

See video below


Lying in the bottom bunk

I was nine

We were moving again

In another new home

I wanted to cry

I think my brother knew this
because all of a sudden...
he hung his hand down overtop of me.

I swung at it... and hit it.
I kept hitting it

He left it there...

I grabbed onto his hand
My nails dug deep

He stayed...

I pulled chunks
I dug, and dug

He stayed...

I felt pieces falling

I felt better

He took my pain


  1. how does one write a visual for: 'tear-drops'?

    : (

    so, so sorry for the sadness endured... XO

  2. Hmm a visual for tear-drops.. let's try..


    Hey, that works! I thank you for your sympathy. I am of course not hurting now, but yes, it is amazing the power of words to bring back an emotion. Today I spoke to my brother and told him how much I love him... he was getting ready to go to work (bike courier in Toronto)