Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 Year Review of Child and Family Services Act (Ontario)

The Ministry has once again given the public little time to prepare and respond to its five-year review by releasing it's discussion document just before Christmas when people have no time to do anything with it for the next week or two. However, the process has begun and we urge the public, and organizations, including the police to have their say on the review of the CFSA.

Last time, we were able to make a request for a list of all submissions made to the Ministry and were impressed by the number of submissions made, however we were not in a position to be able to afford to do a FIPPA request for all materials submitted.

This time, we are in a better position to do so and will make the request at the end of January. If you want your submission to be made "public" just say in your submission that you are making your submission in addition to the Foster Care Council of Canada's submission and it will then be more available for a public request for access to your submission because then it will not be deemed "private".

Indicate in the top of your submission that you do not wish for your submission to be kept confidential and that you are ok with it being made public so people can request copies of it.

In the alternative, the Foster Care Council of Canada asks that you also CC us at with your submission and we will publish your copy as requested so the public can see exactly what the citizens of Ontario are asking the Ministry to do with the Act.

See the Ministry's public consultation below:

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