Friday, November 27, 2009

Letter to Editor on Ministry's 3 Person Commission - CAS Sustainability

Sylvia Jones, PC MPP is not on the commission as previously stated in this post. The appropriate corrections have been made below and sent to the Toronto Star.

Letter to the Editor & Tanya Talaga

RE: Commission for Children's Aid Societies

As a former foster child and executive director of the Foster Care Council of Canada, an organization which strives for increased transparency and accountability in child-welfare, I am concerned about the Ministry of Children and Youth Services' 3 person commission which is made up of an adoptive father who stands to benefit from increased funding to CAS's through ongoing adoption supports and a reported "expert in child welfare" who being so, most likely has close ties to CAS staff, Ene Underwood, a former member of the board of Toronto's children's aid society, and Wendy Thomson, an adoptive parent and public service reform adviser.

Will the commission seek public input to learn where the CAS's are wasting money.

Will they respond to repeated submissions made to the Ministry about wasted funds on unnecessary litigation against citizens for speaking out about them, for opening cases to get ministry funds in six-month terms based on false and misleading information submitted in affidavits to the courts by workers, Societies and over 2 Million dollars a year in ministry allocated child protection funds going to support the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (a provincially registered lobby group with salaries at over 3 Million a year)?

I advise everyone to contact the Ministry to ask how to contact the commission, or to at least make submissions to the committee through MPP Sylvia Jones since she might be the only way to contact the commission.

Please visit to learn about the Ride for Accountability in Child Welfare

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Foster Care News Blog

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