Monday, November 30, 2009

Legislative Assembly Goes Nuts 3:05pm

Watch Legislature today at 03:05pm - They just went nuts, yelling, banging their tables, and it appears the government is trying to push a budget measures Bill (218) and another Bill on Labour Mobility (Bill 175 - Interprovincial labour mobility of workers) through using what is called a "Time Allocation Motion" that limits debate to certain numbers of hours, and gives definite deadlines for the committees to through the Bills, deal with them, and I believe at this time that the motions also require that there be an "automatic passing of the Bills" at each stage without further debates etc and everyone is rebelling. I think there might be some MPP' s getting kicked out at 3:05pm. Watch it live at

At approximately 3:10 the heckling continued, and the speaker asked all three leaders of the parties, upon motion of the NDP house leader (Bisson?) to resolve their differences.

The speaker then asked the three house leaders of the three parties to meet in his office to see about resolving the issues.

Still waiting

House resumed and it appears they decided to adjourn it until later and moved on with regular business.


  1. Isn't that all about the HST or did I miss something or what? Sincerely Dave Witzel

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