Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchener Mom Wins Against CAS

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On November 17, 2009, a Kitchener mom has won her case with the Kitchener Children's Aid Society who held her children for months against the children's repeated requests not to be held by them, until the mother presented enough evidence in court to refute the CAS's attempts to take her children on reportedly false and misleading affidavits by the various workers in the agency.

The mother reportedly had an opportunity to argue the CAS's request for supervion orders in the court room since the CAS backed down some knowing she had gathered so much evidence against them and their allegations, but decided to keep quite at this time in order to ensure her children would be let to come home by the judge.

She will appear again in December to speak to the CAS's "conditions".

The mother's support person, Arch Bishop, Dorian Baxter is seen in the video below speaking about the case. (This video was created prior to the court date and can be found on Canada Court Watch at the link below the video).

A sad Remembrance Day experience with the CAS from Canada Court Watch on Vimeo.

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