Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dunn attempts again to Join Ottawa CAS

(OTTAWA) John Dunn, former foster child and child welfare reform advocate has mailed in a copy of his application for membership to the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

It is his guess that the Society will once again refuse his application for membership without a valid explanation as to why they have done so. His previous application for membership was denied when they first responded with one line saying that his application was rejected.

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After pushing for an explanation from the Board as to why his membership was rejected, a small subcommittee of the Board denied his application stating that he had acted in ways which do not support the objectives of the Society, and that in the Board's opinion, Dunn does not have a genuine interest in the work of the Society.

All of this was stated without giving any details as to what it is Dunn has actually done to have his membership application denied. Later, Dunn asked the Society whether they have a life-time ban on membership for him, to which the Society responded saying they have no such thing as a life-time ban on membership applications.

Dunn asked for a copy of their 2009 application, which has been modified so that applicants no longer require an annual payment of $10.00 for membership. This change in membership fees raises a couple of important points.

1. No longer requiring a membership fee makes it easier to reject applications due to the fact that the Society no longer has to monitor and repay those who sent in membership fees with their applications.

2. No longer requiring a membership fee would require a change to the Society's By-Laws. Currently, (or previously if they modified them) the By-Laws state that memberships are set at $10.00 per year. Also, parts of the By-Law determine membership in "good standing" as those who have paid up their annual membership fees, so this too must have changed.

Since the Society's by-laws need to be changed in order to accommodate this latest membership fee change, section 13 of the Child and Family Services Act requires that the Society immediately upload any amendments to their By-Laws to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Since the Society does not make their By-Laws available to the public, a copy will have to be ordered through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services via a Freedom of Information request. (FIPPA)

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