Sunday, November 15, 2009

Children's Aid Societies Looking for People

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Children's Aid Societies across Ontario place ads in the newspapers looking for people for various reasons. Sometimes to notify them of court dates (if you miss they can make judgement against you) or to contact family members for various reasons.

If you want to see who CAS is looking for in your area, find the website of the Newspaper (Toronto Sun, Ottawa Sun, etc.) and search for the word "whereabouts" in the search box. When you see several listings asking people to respond to the same phone number, you are more than likely reading a CAS advertisement.

If you know those people, you can hopefully offer them support regarding their involvement with a CAS.

See this link for an example: (in this one I used the "7800" from the Ottawa CAS phone number instead of "whereabouts" but they both work the same.

Windsor CAS

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