Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visit to Minister of Children and Youth Services Office

Watch this video from where a group of people visit the Minister of Children and Youth Services Offices to ask some questions.

There are two other citizens in Ontario who are being litigated against by a Children's Aid Society for $500,000 (using tax payers funds) having websites about them, so we hope we are not also litigated against by a CAS or by the Ministry for having these videos available for the public.

Chris Carter, is extremely well spoken, and extremely well organized, and knows how to properly bring the right issues to those in positions of authority without being intimidating, aggressive, or acting improperly. It is personally believed by John Dunn, the Executive Director of the Foster Care Council of Canada, that Mr. Carter will be the impetus in bringing transparency, accountability and increased fairness to the way child welfare services are delivered by CAS's and overseen by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services in Ontario.

Part I

Part II


  1. Very interesting developments. Thoughtful questions. How gracious of them to invite you into a room in order to ask your questions!

  2. I do admit that I don't think they had this meeting pre-arranged with the Ministry, so it was good that they arranged to meet in the Board room after a while. It is a good start.

  3. Great work Chris....What are the websites that are being sued? These guys on the video dont seem to be very knowledgabe of the CFSA.
    AG Chris Bentley and many others in his office will tell you they are not responsible for justice in the courts. Bad CAS workers, bad judges, the problem overlaps two ministries. I recently wrote the Minister and and Durham CAS requesting their services to be re-introduced to my son who now lives in Oshawa. Family freindly? We'll see.

  4. I am glad Chris is the one doing the talking. As far as I'm concerned these people don't desire this must respect as Chris has gave them . But what makes there word God, why are the courts going by everything these people have to say. Look at the damage they have done to families . Keep up the great work maybe someone will listen to the families.

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