Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ottawa CAS - Wasting More Money

The following letter was sent to Barbara MacKinnon, Executive Director of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa regarding an apparent life-time ban on membership to local former foster child and child-welfare advocate, John Dunn.

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Barbara MacKinnon,

On July 8, 2009 I sent a letter to the Society asking if I am being subjected to a "life-time ban" from Society membership since the Society has never, in over three years, and after repeated requests, given me reasons why they allege that I have acted in a manner "inconsistent with, and contrary to the interests of the Society" and that in the board opinion "I did not have a genuine interest in the objectives of the Society".

Over three months later, on October 20, 2009, I received a letter from the Society by registered mail which states "there is no such thing as a life-time ban regarding Society membership applications".

Therefore, if the Society can afford to send a more costly letter by registered mail using tax-payers and Ministry allocated, child-protection transfer payment funds to tell me there is no such thing as a life-time ban regarding membership applications, I, a citizen who meets all of the requirements of the Society's By-Laws regarding eligibility for membership, would like to request from the Society that they mail a copy of their latest application for Society membership to me by the more economically efficient regular post.

It is my hope, that after approximately three years, the Society might be willing to extend a membership to me, or at the very least, if they still wish to ban me from obtaining a membership with the Society, offer an actual explanation to me as to what it is I have done which makes the Society's Board (or just a select few of them) be of the opinion that I do not have a genuine interest in the objectives of the Society, that I have acted in a manner which is inconsistent with, or contrary to the interests of the Society.

Your letter also stated that I should only communicate with the Society regarding Corporations Act matters via their externally retained lawyer, Robert C. Morrow, but I would prefer to save the Society the frivolous costs involved with using a lawyer to communicate with me when it is such a simple internal matter.

The application can be mailed to me at the following address.

John Dunn
12-1160 Meadowlands Drive East
Ottawa, Ontario
K2E 6J2

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

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