Saturday, October 10, 2009

Foster Care Abuse Settlement

Globe and Mail Article:

"Children's Aid records showed that the agency was aware by the late 1940s that Ms. Sanders was unreliable, erratic and neglectful of the children in her care. They also showed that she had impersonated a Children's Aid worker in order to try and obtain a child; hated Yvonne and wanted to get rid of her; and was involved in prostitution and black marketeering.

Still, the agency continued to let Ms. Sanders care for foster children and paid little heed to warnings from her neighbours about the way the children were being mistreated.

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Comment by Anne Patterson in response to a London Free Press Article on the case

Money won't relieve pain

Regarding the article Sanders Estate Settles Civil suit (Oct. 14).

The incalculable pain, misery and horror Edith Sanders' victims endured can't be measured in dollars and cents. Hopefully it will be a small mercy of justice for them to have ownership from those who had a mandate to protect children.
October is child abuse awareness month, a fitting time to resolve this horrific tragedy. Not only do I hope this will renew a vow to never let such a nightmare occur again, not just in London but anywhere, but I hope it educates this city that child abuse is not restricted to one group. Others have been abused in their so-called "safe" adoptive homes, as well as countless fostered through various Children's Aid Society agencies.

Child abuse has no restrictions, so please be aware for the sake of all children, including those adopted and fostered. There is no more glaring example than this immense tragedy to illustrate that.
One can only hope the victims will find peace and prosperity for the rest of their days.

Anne Patterson

London Free Press

Comment by John Dunn

It is true, that abuse does not only happen at home. There are literally millions of files archived both within the Children's Aid Societies and at the Ministry of Children and Youth Services which are called "Serious Occurrence Reports" or "Serious Incident Reports" which document thousands of instances of abuse and neglect of children and youth in foster care or government funded care.

As a former foster child myself who lived in care for sixteen years and who was moved thirteen times, and who is now the volunteer Executive Director of the Foster Care Council of Canada, an organization whose mission is to involve current and former child welfare clients in the process of improving transparency and accountability in child welfare, I am very well aware of the abuse and neglect of kids in care and the extreme efforts of the agencies and the Ministry to contain this information from getting to the public.

So, in support of Anne's post, please, during Child Abuse Prevention month, don't forget that abuse and neglect do not just happen at home. Please visit the Foster Care Council of Canada on the Internet to learn more.

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