Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sudbury CAS Uses Tax Payers Money to Hire Lawyer to Hide Board Meetings

The Sudbury Children's Aid Society, after ignoring 22 calls (see call log at end) asking for a schedule of the Board meetings, has retained the services of an external law firm using Ministry Allocated Transfer Payments funds to assist them in withholding from the public the schedule of their Board of Directors meetings and that of their Annual General Meetings.

They did however answer a Federal MP when they asked for this information in an attempt to appear co-operative to an official.

The letter from their law firm is shown below:

Parisé Law Office LAWYERS • AVOCATS

Réjean Parisé, B.A., LL.B. Liisa Parisé, B.A.(Hons.), LL.B.

58 Lisgar Street, Suite 200, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 3L7

PHONE 705/674-4042 FAX 705/674-4242 E-MAIL
September 16, 2009

Mr. John Dunn
Executive Director
Foster Care Council of Canada
12-1160 Meadowlands Drive East
Ottawa, ON
K2E 6J2

Dear Sir: Re: Children’s Aid of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin

I am the lawyer acting on behalf of the Children’s Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin relative to your request. The request, as I understand it, is to be advised of the dates of meetings of the Directors of the local Society.

The Society is an entity incorporated pursuant to the Corporations Act. The Act provides that persons entitled to dates of when the Board of Director meetings are to occur is information the Directors are entitled to receive and if there is a Society Annual General meeting, the persons entitled to notice are the members.

It is not my information that you are a member.

Yours very truly,

Réjean Parisé

c.c. Attention: Colette Prevost

See previous call log here

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  1. This guy Parise,,,I call him a parasite. He defended CAS against the charges I laid against CAS. He now is representing CAS in a motion for summarry juddgement against mne to be heard Sept 10, 2010. This guy is as dirty as they come.