Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ottawa CAS withholding Records

A former Ward of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa has, for several years, been trying to get access to all of the records kept on him while under the care of the Society and the Society is withholding them from him and attempting to prevent him from learning what files they do have on him in what appears to be attempts to belittle him and make him feel as if he has done something wrong.

The Society responded to request from him stating that they have provided him with all the records that they can. The former Ward then very clearly requested the following detailed information from the Society about his records.

1. A list of what records and reports of any kind the Society has in it's custody or control about his time in care

2. A description of what each "record" contains or pertains to

3. a corresponding indication of what files he can have access to and what files he can not have access to in addition to the reasons for access or the lack of access to them

The Society 's Debbie Hoffman, Service Manager, then responded with the following response:

It appears that you have interpreted our response letters to mean that you did not receive full disclosure. We want to reassure you that you have indeed received all the information to which you are entitled and we regret that the formulation of our letters have led you to believe otherwise.

He will once again ask for further clarification in response to whether the Society has any other files they can not disclose to him so that he can at least have knowledge of their existence, what they pertain to, and the reasons why he can not have access to them or why he is not "entitled to them".

We will keep the public informed of any further developments in this case.

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