Sunday, October 18, 2009

Council Opening Investigation into suicide death of Windsor Group Home Operator Jim Malone

Some of you may remember the tragic story of Jim Malone, a group home operator who worked with the Windsor Essex Children's Aid Society, who drove his flaming truck into the Society's building, killing himself and causing over $1,000,000 in damages.

The story appears to have been quickly swept under the rug, therefore the Foster Care Council of Canada would like to open an investigation into the matter. We are asking anyone who has any information about Jim Malone and his death, especially the events which led up to his death, to please contact us at 613-220-1039 with any information you can provide. Anonymous tips are accepted, however we will take tips from anyone who is willing to speak publicly about this as well.

Nothing is too small or unimportant. Any conflicts Malone may have had with the agency and / or its staff, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, or conversations he may have had with friends and family are welcome.

You can read more about the tragic incident at the following link:
CBC - October 29, 2004

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  1. This is very serious. Its been almost 5 years and we still don't know the the full story. We still don't know WHY Jim Malone killed himself and WHY WHY WHY? I believe he was a witness to many human rights abuse and he could not take it anymore.