Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ontario's Expert Panel on Infertility and Adoption Report Released

The Ontario Expert Panel on Infertility and Adoption released a report titled "Raising Expectations" which recomends a central Ontario adoption agency to increase adoptions.

Will this Panel and its report recommending a central adoption agency increase the demand for "healthy babies and children" from the public system resulting in increased child apprehensions in Ontario?

The report claims to make a central adoption agency which will draw from the public databases (Children's Aid Societies) lists of children available for adoption, which includes kids and youth who are currently in the child welfare system.

The report also recommends that all kids, immediately upon contact with a Children's Aid Society have dual planning for adoption and foster care/reunification with their families. If the reunification "fails" they are to be adopted. The report also mandates very fast adoption deadlines which appear to see a child adopted if certain timelines are not met.

Does this mean that more kids who are involved with a Society even when an investigation proves the file should be closed will end up being adopted because the Societies will have already started planning for adoption of them?

Read more by obtaining a copy of the report by contacting your MPP to ask how to obtain "Raising Expectations" from the Expert Panel on Adoption and Fertility. See Chapter 2 then read the rest.

Start Reading Chapter 2 at this link

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